Go Nuclear…The Reactor is here!

The all-new Reactor LightVest is here and just-in-time for those late night trail runs or early morning training runs.

Designed in brilliant orange mesh with irridescent front and back reflective strips and high reflective trim, the Reactor will be your new favorite gear as you run on the roads in the dark.  Featuring a 100 Lumen CREE LED light and red flashing LEDs at the rear, the Reactor weighs in at only 400 grams (with batteries) – ideal for the serious overnight relay or endurance racers.  It’s the utmost in reflective and proactive road safety.  Designed to ride high on the upper torso, the Reactor also has a single back pocket for cell phone storage and a tie-down bungie to carry sandals or an extra t-shirt.  What are you waiting for?


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